About the National Mouse Club

table_of_maxey's Formed over 115 years ago, the National Mouse Club (NMC) is the governing body which encourages and oversees the breeding and exhibition of fancy mice in the UK.

The NMC publishes the rules and standards by which mice are judged, supports shows held throughout the country on a monthly basis, and welcomes new exhibitors and those with simply an interest in these delightful creatures.

New members are always given a warm welcome from the NMC, and whether they are interested in learning to exhibit and acquire their first show stock or learning about the genetics of this species, there is always someone on hand to help.

New members of the NMC who are interested in breeding and exhibiting fancy mice will find an exciting, broad range of colours to choose from, with over 40 standardised varieties now available in around 200 variations. Visitors are welcome at shows, where members will be glad to show them the different varieties of mice and provide advice on where to start in this great hobby.

While breeding a winning mouse is a major challenge, this competitive club is the place where the best mouse on the day wins and where new, lifelong friends are made.

New members and those interested in going along to a show to find out more will be able to find a club near them, from Yorkshire to the West Country, and from Lancashire to London.

Each year, five Cup Shows are held, as well as numerous Open Shows. The most prestigious show of the year is the Annual Cup Show, held in September in conjunction with the NMC Annual General Meeting, followed by the other Cup Shows; the London Championship Show, the Spring and Summer Cup Shows, and the Burgess Premier Small Animal Show.

Whatever your reason for joining the NMC, this friendly, welcoming fancy and these exquisite animals will add a new dimension to your life. Come along to a show and find out more, or contact us

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Officials of the National Mouse Club

  • President - Mr Keith Berry
  • Chairman - Dr Terry Thorne
  • Secretary - Mrs Ruth Hollis
  • Treasurer - Ms Sarah Cudbill
  • Hon Cup Secretary - Mrs Sarah Yeomans
  • Vice President - Mr Phil Hall
  • Vice President - Mrs Kathy Habberjam
  • Vice President - Mr Stuart Smith
  • NMC News Editor - Mrs Ruth Hollis

Committee Members:

Mr Phil Hall, Mrs Kathy Habberjam, Mr Stuart Smith, Mrs Kelly Holdgate, Mr Peter Hogg, Mrs Anne Tomkins, Mr Mark Ellis, Mr Jim Mullan, Mr Tom Tomkins, Mr Dave Bumford.