Congratulations to Ruth BIS at Sowood with a cinnamon and Stephan BIS at Harlow with a siamese. Both shows had good entries.
It is the eve of Swinford as I write and it’s an excellent entry, thanks to all who entered and everyone who has rallied with help and support. The show calendar is not only full for this year but is nicely shaping up for the next mousing season. There are welcome returns for Sheffield, Meldreth and Swannington. It makes planning breeding and travel easier knowing so far in advance. I have already booked several hotels, mainly for the difficult winter months.
We always need volunteers to help show sec, judge, steward, run a kitchen or even a show. So please consider learning the ropes if you are able. Help make the NMC secure in the hands of all rather than reliant on a few. Eggs in one basket is inherently risky. Getting judges for the bigger multi-fancy events is particularly challenging, putting them at risk of cancellation. Looking forward to seeing those who are able to attend shows through the summer months. May the best mouse win


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