Judge: Peter Hogg Tans, Satins, AOVs

General Comments

Nice to judge at the Real London, Thanks to Jenny for the invite. Good to judge alongside Stephan, we seemed to agree on all the mice! the day was melting hot and a few of the mice were showing it in condition. most were okay though. Congratulations to Lewis Russell , B.I.S with the best Argente i have seen in a long time. Many thanks to Rob Walker for an excellent job as steward. thanks to Jenny for showing me how this show should be run!


Black Tan Ad – 4

A lot of mice with tan feet . tricky to get rid of but worth the effort.
1st S Grimwood nice to see a tan with feet to standard. good all round
2nd S Grimwood another good mouse. some guard hairs.
3rd R Walker slight tan feet and not quite as dark.

Black Tan U8 – 5

1st S Grimwood good solid color. good condition, tan to come.
2nd S Grimwood as above but a little lighter.
3rd D Bennett some guard hairs.

Chocolate Tan Ad – 3

1st D Bennett strong top and tan. tan feet spoils.
2nd S Grimwood some tan on feet and needs to be a bit darker.
3rd S Grimwood almost the same, a touch lighter.

Chocolate Tan U8 – 2

1st D Bennett good condition. light all round.
2nd D Bennett Tan feet and not condition of first.

Cham/Silver Tan Ad – 5

1st C Valley Champagne Tan nice color and tan, fit mouse
2nd M Davis Champagne Tan slightly dark. tan feet.
3rd C Valley Champagne Tan coarse fur on neck.

Cham/Silver Tan U8 – 4

1st C Valley Champagne Tan nice top color, tan to come.
2nd C Valley Champagne Tan a tad darker. tan feet
3rd C Valley Champagne Tan slight moult on shoulder.

AOC Tan Ad – 1

1st S Grimwood Blue Tan very nice. narrowly beaten by black tan on feet . good effort.

AOC Tan U8 – 0


1st S Grimwood Black Tan
2nd S Grimwood Blue Tan
3rd C Valley Champagne Tan


1st C Valley Champagne Tan
2nd S Grimwood Black Tan
3rd D Bennett Chocolate Tan


Ivory Satin Ad – 3

1st J Kew nice fit mouse , good color and shine. best satin.
2nd A Leach nice top , slightly thin under.

Ivory Satin U8 – 4

1st S Goss good type and color. should grow on to win.
2nd M Davis yellow tint on this one.
3rd L Walker thin coat , satin not strong enough.

AOC PE Self Satin Ad – 1

1st L Walker Dove Satin quite small. light points

AOC PE Self Satin U8 – 2

1st J (Jim) Fawn Satin nice deep color , type not so good.
2nd L Walker Dove Satin slightly patchy. light all round.

Cream Satin Ad – 1

1st A Leach good color and type .light nose.

Cream Satin U8 – 1

1st L Walker pretty little mouse. looks very young. good eyes and ears.

AOC BE Self Satin Ad – 3

AOC BE Self Satin U8 – 3

1st J (Jim) Red Satin lovely color . small patch of fur missing.

AOV Satin Ad – 1

AOV Satin U8 – 1

1st M Davis Siamese. good blending of color. light feet.


1st J Kew Ivory Satin
2nd A Leach Cream Satin
3rd L Walker Dove Satin


1st S Goss Ivory Satin
2nd L Walker Cream Satin
3rd J (Jim) Red Satin


Agouti/Cinn Ad – 4

1st L Walker Agouti good all round. strong ticking and good under.
2nd J (Jim) Agouti good even color. slight moult on head.
3rd L Russell Agouti moult on back.

Agouti/Cinn U8 – 2

1st J (Jim) Agouti good all round . slight moult mark on back.
2nd J (Jim) Agouti white toes.

Chin/Fox Ad – 0

Chin/Fox U8 – 5

1st S Grimwood Black Fox nice mouse . a bit light on top.
2nd S Grimwood Black Fox fit mouse .needs darker top and lighter under
3rd S Grimwood Black Fox throat spot.

SP/BP Siamese Ad – 4

1st J (Jim) Seal Pont Siamese nicely blended. slightly light.
2nd J (Jim) Seal Pont Siamese good color. slight moult on shoulders
3rd C Valley Seal Pont Siamese light points .slight moult

SP/BP Siamese U8 – 4

1st J (Jim) Seal Pont Siamese good condition and blending. a light for me.
2nd C Valley Seal Pont Siamese light points
3rd C Valley Seal Pont Siamese moult under.

Argente Ad – 8

1st L Russell a real cracker! sparkling condition and silky coat with good strong undercolour. good type and under. best in show
2nd L Russell another nice mouse .not the shine of first. a tad light.
3rd A Leach nice fit mouse but a bit dark.

Argente U8 – 10

1st A Leach nice color and condition .good all round.
2nd L Russell another very good mouse in a strong class. just beaten on color slightly light.
3rd A Leach not quite the shine of first two.

AOV Ad – 7

1st R Walker Splashed good even splashing, strong color.
2nd L Walker Splashed splashing not as strong as first.
3rd L Walker Roan looked unwell. clearly did not like the heat.

AOV U8 – 2

1st L Walker Roan nice color. lacked condition.


1st L Russell Argente
2nd L Walker Agouti
3rd R Walker Splashed


1st A Leach Argente
2nd S Grimwood Black Fox
3rd J (Jim) Agouti

Judge: Stephan Mönninghoff Selfs, Marked

General Comments

Thanks Jenny for the invite to judge and thanks to my steward Jim, who kept the mice coming. Some good mice on show and despite the weather, only a few cases of moult. Mice mostly fit and in good shape. Great to judge with Peter, with immediate agreement on a lovely Argente, entered by Lewis Russell. Focusing properly on a variety pays off!


White (pink eye) Ad – 2

1st R Walker B Slight moult mark on shoulder.
2nd L Russell D Moult mark across back, line under.

White (pink eye) U8 – 6

1st S Goss D Best type, under nice and thick but slight line. Good type!
2nd S Goss D Not ears of first, thinner under.
3rd S Goss D Line & blemish on belly spoils.

Cream Ad – 8

1st A Leach D Best type & colour, thick under, lovely bold eyes.
2nd A Leach D Not far off 1st but beaten on ears.
3rd A Leach D Only just beaten on colour.

Cream U8 – 5

1st A Leach D Best all round, good size.
2nd A Leach D Lovely head, better than 1st but line under spoils.
3rd R Walker D Good type & colour, still young, good under.

Black Ad – 11

1st A Leach D Blackest of the lot, lovely thick under.
2nd L Birchall D Nice type & colour, baggy sides.
3rd A Leach D Not depth of coulour of first two.

Black U8 – 11

1st L Birchall D Most velevety of the lot and good colour with thick under. BOA Self.
2nd L Birchall D Very close to 1st but front feet not as black.
3rd L Birchall D Not colour of first two.

Champagne Ad – 2

1st S Goss D Too dark, nice type, good under.
2nd S Goss D Light tail set, too dark.

Champagne U8 – 3

1st L Walker B Best colour out of the lot but light tail set & under.
2nd S Goss D Even colour, too dark.
3rd S Goss B As second, too dark, beaten on under.

Red Ad – 10

1st A Leach B Best fiery red top & under, good size, excellent condition.
2nd J (Jim) B Not undercolour & size of 1st but very close.
3rd A Leach B Only lost on lighter under.

Red U8 – 2

1st J (Jim) B Lovely fiery red top & under.
2nd J (Jim) B Under a tad light.

Blue Ad – 5

1st L Walker B Best top & under colour, small. Thin tail.
2nd S Grimwood D White toes.

Blue U8 – 6

1st L Walker D Very nice little blue doe, good colour top & under.

AOC Self Ad – 5

1st A Leach Fawn D Nice mouse with very level colour. Fit.
2nd J (Jim) Fawn B Fit mouse. Light feet spoil.
3rd J (Jim) Fawn B A tad too dark on top.

AOC Self U8 – 2

1st J (Jim) Fawn B Colour to come, good under, nice type, fit.
2nd J (Jim) Fawn B Colour to come, light under & feet, nice type.


1st A Leach Fawn
2nd A Leach Cream
3rd A Leach Red


1st L Birchall Black
2nd J (Jim) Red
3rd A Leach Cream


Dutch Ad – 6

1st C Valley B Choc. Best markings, cheeks well balanced and nicely rounded. Young.
2nd S Maynard B Blue. Blaze wavy, stops on feet too forward. Nice saddle.
3rd S Maynard B Cinn. Undercut pulled back. Lovely top saddle and cheek markings.

Dutch U8 – 7

1st S Maynard D Blue. Lovely little doe. Saddle well up, best markings.
2nd C Valley D Choc. Nice saddle, cheeks running into whisker bed.
3rd C Valley D Choc. Saddle slipping, stops a tad short.

Broken Marked Ad – 8

1st S Maynard D Blk 7-Spot. Well balanced markings, nice and with sharp edges, almost round.
2nd L Walker B Ag 7-Spot. Nice round markings, some merging to form larger patches.
3rd M Davis D Blk 6-Spot. Markings heavy on hind quarter. 2 fast 4 me. Needs handling.

Broken Marked U8 – 6

1st S Maynard D Blk 8-Spot. Balanced, equal-sized markings. Nice mouse!
2nd M Davis B Blk 9-Spot. More spots than 1st but not as nicely balanced.
3rd L Birchall D Blk 8-Spot. Lost on distribution of markings.

AOV Marked Ad – 3

1st R Walker Tricolour Too much brindling.
2nd L Walker Tricolour Too much brindling.

AOV Marked U8 – 6

1st L Walker Even Marked D Blk even. Spots too small and uneven.
2nd L Walker Tricolour B Too much brindling.
3rd R Walker Tricolour D Too much brindling.


1st C Valley Dutch
2nd S Maynard Broken Marked
3rd R Walker Tricolour


1st S Maynard Broken Marked
2nd S Maynard Dutch
3rd L Walker Even Marked