Judge: Sarah Cudbill Selfs, Satins,

General Comments

Thanks to Stephan for the invite,Lewis and Justine for stewarding Ophelie for running the kitchen and of course all those who entered.Judging alongside John was enjoyable and the new venue was nicely refurbished with good big windows.Mixed bag of stock with some good mice held back by minor faults,nicks in ears,moult on bellies,small ears.The winners reflected the breeders pride in their animals.Well done to to all of you.


White (pink eye) Ad – 3

1st A Leach D Goof for size ,type,ear and eye.Best under which decided placement.
2nd S Goss D Good head,ear,eye,decent type.Poor under.
3rd S Goss D Fair all round,ears were good,poor under.

White (pink eye) U8 – 1

1st A Leach B Good ear,eye,type and condition.Head a bit feminine but that might change .Moulty belly .A nice mouse.

Cream Ad – 3

1st A Leach D Good ear,eye ,type and colour.Excellent condition.Better under than the buck.Small chip in ear marred an otherwise nice mouse.
2nd A Leach B Good ear ,eye and colour.Excellent tail set.Under moulty which decided placement.A nice mouse.

Cream U8 – 10

A good class.
1st A Leach B Good head,ear,eye and type.Excellent condition.Under to come.Best for colour which decided placement.
2nd A Leach D Another good mouse,darker colour.
3rd A Leach D As second place for top.Line under decides position.

Black Ad – 3

1st S Mönninghoff D Best depth of colour pigment.More substance and a better eye than the other two.Well furred belly.A trifle moulty.
2nd S Mönninghoff D Excellent condition.Behind on belly to first place.
3rd S Mönninghoff D Good colour.Narrow head with small eyes and creased ears ,a variety trait.

Black U8 – 3

Red/Fawn Ad – 5

1st R Hollis B This mouse was between the colours of the other two .Excellent well furred belly.Creased ears.
2nd R Hollis B Excellent condition,slight line under but another well furred belly.Colour best matched the standard.Small chip in ear marred.
3rd R Hollis B Similar comments as for the second place but a lighter colour decided placement.

Red/Fawn U8 – 2

1st R Hollis B Excellent condition.Good ear,eye and tail for variety.Lovely mouse.
2nd R Hollis B Similar to first but comparatively behind on substance.

Blue Ad – 0

Blue U8 – 5

1st S Grimwood B Good condition and colour.Good eye and under.Some light hairs round vent.Easyily wins class.
2nd L Walker D Best of the rest for colour and condition.Work needed.
3rd R Walker D Behind on colour and condition.A work in progress.

AOC Self Ad – 2

1st S Goss D Good size,ears ,type and condition but a little past best due to ageing.

AOC Self U8 – 4

1st J Davis B Good colour,head,ear and eye.Best under.
2nd S Goss B Good colour,eye and ear.Chopped rough under spoils.
3rd S Goss D As second but with a rougher under which spoils any chance of going further.


1st R Hollis
2nd S Mönninghoff
3rd A Leach


1st A Leach
2nd R Hollis
3rd A Leach


Ivory Satin Ad – 6

1st A Leach B Good size,condition,ear and eye.Well furred under for variety.
2nd S Goss B Good size,ear,eye and condition.Bite on back and a small line under.Past best really.
3rd R Walker B Good colour.Could be a good mouse but lacking condition.

Ivory Satin U8 – 0

AOC PE Self Satin Ad – 1

AOC PE Self Satin U8 – 2

1st S Goss B Decent colour,smallish eye.Another rough under,chopped.
2nd L Booth D Colour between dove and cham.A pet quality mouse.

BE Self Satin Ad – 1

1st L Walker D Very young with some growing still to do and under to come.Good colour,excellent condition.A very nice mouse.

BE Self Satin U8 – 3

1st L Walker B Good ear,eye,head and colour.Slightest of line under which may get worse with age but overall a good mouse.
2nd A Leach B Good ear,eye and condition.I would be interested to look at again as an adult to see if the colour intensifies much after moulting into adult coat.
3rd A Leach D Nice ear,eye and condition.Belly fur a bit thin.Lighter than the buck,same comments apply re adult coat colour.I think they could be a stronger colour at this age.

AOV Satin Ad – 6

1st A Leach B Good ear,eye and condition.Undercoat more black than blue.Overall an improvement for size,type and eye compared to recent argentes.A step forward,they used to be a top variety so well done.
2nd L Walker D Lovely top .One eye darker than other.Points spoil.
3rd L Walker D Not a high sheen and pink feet.Much work needed.

AOV Satin U8 – 1

1st L Booth D Fair top.Solid blocky markings under.Points need breeding out.


1st A Leach
2nd A Leach
3rd S Goss


1st L Walker
2nd A Leach
3rd S Goss

Judge: John Webster Tans, Marked, AOVs,

General Comments

Many thanks to Stephan for the invite to judge at his new venue along side Sarah which was a pleasure no problem deciding the major awards. Congratulations to Lynette BIS and Andy BOA winners in my sections, a super little Blue Dutch from Stephen Maynard, a top class Black Tan from Phil and an outstanding Cinnamon from Andy. Many thanks to my excellent steward Andy for a great job all day.


Black Tan Ad – 3

1st P Hall B Excellent all round top colour tan and feet.
2nd P Hall B Another good mouse not the tan of winner.
3rd S Grimwood B Not the feet of 1st two, good top and tan though.

Black Tan U8 – 3

1st P Hall B Good all round tan excellent feet for a youngster.
2nd P Hall B As 1st not just the tan, yet to come.
3rd S Grimwood B Not the feet or tan of the 1st two.

Chocolate Tan Ad – 2

1st P Hall B Excellent top colour and tan.
2nd P Hall B Just behind 1st on tan.

Chocolate Tan U8 – 3

1st P Hall B Excellent all round tan.
2nd P Hall B As 1st just behind on tan
3rd S Grimwood B Lovely mouse just not the tan of 1st two.

Cham/Silver Tan Ad – 2

1st R Walker B Top colour level good feet and level tan.

Cham/Silver Tan U8 – 0

AOC Tan Ad – 0

AOC Tan U8 – 1

1st S Grimwood B Blue, correct top colour no throat spot and a decent tan, very good effort keep up the good work.


1st P Hall
2nd P Hall
3rd P Hall


1st P Hall
2nd P Hall
3rd P Hall


Dutch Ad – 2

1st S Maynard B Cinnamon fails saddle and colour.

Dutch U8 – 4

1st S Maynard B Super little Blue, to be critical a tad wavy under and the right ear lighter colour than the left, but that said outstanding mouse.
2nd S Maynard B Cinnamon, saddle ragged and as with the adult colour.
3rd J Jeeves D Nicely marked mouse far too young/small to be shown.

Broken Marked Ad – 7

1st S Mönninghoff D Choc 8-spot very well marked, just starting to go might be time for the breeding pen.
2nd S Maynard B Black 8-spot well marked but not the placement of 1st.
3rd L Russell B Black 6-spot, fails placement and markings nice fit mouse.

Broken Marked U8 – 10

1st L Walker D Black 7-spot best distribution of good sized spots.
2nd A Leach D Black 7-spot just not the spots of winner.
3rd L Walker B Black 9-spot, spots a bit clumped.

AOV Marked Ad – 0

AOV Marked U8 – 5

1st R Walker B Tricolour nice patched very similar in colour but well defined.
2nd R Walker B Tricolour a bit bland back end.
3rd R Walker B Tricolour not the patch placement of 1st two.


1st S Mönninghoff
2nd S Maynard
3rd S Maynard


1st S Maynard
2nd L Walker
3rd R Walker


Agouti/Cinn Ad – 8

1st A Leach D Cinnamon excellent colour level ticking and nice bright colour.
2nd R Hollis B Agouti very nice colour and ticking just a little bit dark down its spine, best Agouti I’ve seen for a long time.
3rd R Hollis B Agouti as 2nd not just as bright colour.

Agouti/Cinn U8 – 0

Chin/Fox Ad – 0

Chin/Fox U8 – 0

SP/BP Siamese Ad – 3

1st S Smith B Seal point excellent colour and shading top and under very fit.
2nd R Walker B Blue point lacks shading but a very fit mous.

SP/BP Siamese U8 – 0

Argente Ad – 7

1st A Leach D Excels all round colour/silvering and under colour, good under.
2nd A Leach D Chip or crease in right ear not the quality of 1st.
3rd L Russell D Not the under of 1st two.

Argente U8 – 12

1st A Leach D Level top colour nice silvering and under colour, under just out.
2nd A Leach D Very close to 1st again under just out.
3rd A Leach B Slight line under, but very nice mouse.

AOV Ad – 1

1st L Walker B Top nicely splashed under not as good, colour Blue ? Pink eyes ?

AOV U8 – 3

1st L Walker D Black Roan nice top under lighter colour nicely intermingling.
2nd L Russell B Splash nicely splashed top fails under for me.
3rd J Jeeves D Black Roan colour well intermingled dark patch on it’s top.


1st A Leach
2nd S Smith
3rd A Leach


1st A Leach
2nd A Leach
3rd L Walker