After my mother’s death last year, I found an old copy of NMC News among her papers. It is an early edition (number 9) and dates from November 1981. The mouse fancy was originally served by Fur & Feather magazine, but when it stopped including mice, we needed to create our own publication and NMC News was born. It is A4 in size and my mother had highlighted my name in blue ink every time it appears!
At that time the roles of President and Chairman were both held by Peter Forbes, and in his opening notes he is suggesting that the two roles be separated. Tony Jones wrote about tracking down the Rumpwhite gene in order to re-introduce it to the fancy. He notes that I had already acquired the gene and was doing exactly that.

The Annual Cup Show had been held at Airedale and it appears that Don Parkinson was a popular winner of best in show. It says that many people shook his hand, Frank Hawley and Tony Jones lifted him up, and Tony Holland kissed the top of his bald spot. After the show many fanciers from both north and south shared an Indian meal at the Shipley Working Mens’ Club by invitation of Roger Hutchings.
There is news of a new mouse club, the Leeds Metro, and I see that they were accepting rail stock (mice sent unaccompanied to a show via the railway). There is also an obituary for Eric Kitchen, a much-respected fancier, and the show schedule includes events at Calder Valley, Dagenham, Cleveland, Bingley and Southsea.

Show reports announce that Dek Taylor won BIS at Bingley with a young cream. Three days later he won BIS at Halifax with a young champagne. Shows came thick and fast back then because the very next day a young champagne belonging to Tony Jones won BIS at Southsea. These were all agricultural shows held in early August. I found it a fascinating look back at what was happening forty-two years ago and wanted to share with you.


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