I was asked to take over the duties of NMC Cup Secretary, and will have assumed the role by the time you read this. One of my first tasks has been to identify exactly what cups and trophies the club still owns, and their current whereabouts. The club agreed to sell off a number of trophies in 2019, and it seems that Covid has muddied the waters regarding exactly who has what. I plan to collect all of the Cup Secretary stuff at Swinford show, which I am sure will include some trophies, and will then attempt to track down any items that are unaccounted for.
I have a list of the trophies where a sale was agreed. By removing these “sold” trophies from the original lists of those awarded at each of the five cup shows, I am left with a provisional list of all the potential trophies that will continue to be awarded at future shows. With that in mind, if you currently have any NMC cups or trophies in your possession (other than those purchased during the 2019 sell-off), please can you let me know as soon as possible … preferably before Halifax show.
The Summer Cup Show at Halifax is approaching and I have supplied the secretary with a list of all the trophies that I believe may be competed for at that show. If you win one of them and particularly want to have it at home, please let me know and I will try to arrange it once I’ve located it. The same applies to the Annual Cup Show at Manchester in September. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments made last year, I am unable to attend either of these shows.


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