Just a small note on Steve Goss’s article on size. In my view, you enter your mouse in order to obtain the judge’s opinion, which you have received.
You may know the mouse’s age, the mouse may know its age, but the judge doesn’t. He/she can only go on the mouse’s appearance on the day.
In general, a young mouse looks young regardless of size. If it looks older, the judge will assume it is older. Size is only 5 points of the overall total and is combined with the other points in the standard of excel- lence.
Therefore, for a judge to O.D. a mouse these other points will be taken into consideration. If your mouse is a good size for its age, why not let it grow on to be a good adult? A mouse will not be penalised for being young in an adult class – it may be penalised for being small, which is a different matter.


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