Dear Friends,
Reading notes from Fur and Feather today I came across an article written by C.H.Johnson in which he describes his feelings in winning BIS at the Annual in 1952.
“My trip to Hillingdon for our annual show was worth every minute. No wonder I can hear members say ‘when you obtained Best in Show’, but the main pleasure was derived from meeting some of my Southern friends who, prior to the show, I had only known by name.
“The Community Centre at Ickenham is an ideal place for a show, with plenty of room for all, and in addition food was laid on, and good food too. With reference to my own success, I cannot adequately convey how I felt
about it.
“In Club notes recently I put forward my theory why mouse fanciers keep patronising mouse shows week in and week out, year in and year out. It cannot be the money, for goodness knows, on the best of days we are little in pocket. I think our show activities are hinged on ambition to achieve an object. Most of the objects I have sought in the mouse fancy have come my way, but this is the first time I have obtained the premier award at the Annual Show. When I packed up my stock for Hillingdon I said to myself ‘Here’s hoping’. I was not at all optimistic. I knew my stock was in fairly good condition but I have sent it out before in just as good condition, with only moderate success.
“I hesitate to single out names for special mention, but I think those who were present at Hillingdon will excuse me when I say how happy we all were to welcome Mr. and Mrs Joe Wood.”
Joe Wood is credited with having been instrumental in furthering the tan varieties which we know today. He was also the author of a little booklet entitled “Mice for the Hobbyist and Scientist” It was priced at
9d and was a “must have” when I joined the fancy in 1969.
On a personal note I have to confess to not having any mice at the moment, a sad day indeed. I hope at some stage to acquire some Variegateds.


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