Looking through the show calendar it is god to see things are getting back to normal. I have the Bradford Championship results in front of me, the returners to the fancy had a good day, well done to Steve Goss and Mike I understand Davis on their section wins. Kelly’s role changed at the show and she came up with some nice wins. There seems to be stiff competition in the Self Black classes, which is a healthy situation.

I have been reading the article byTom Rogers in the latest magazine. His name doesn’t ring a bell with me but this was before I was born. He mentions putting a Self into his Dutch; I think this is a long process, you would  need a large stock to keep things rolling. He states that he had three grades, the first being the exhibition mice. On that point, I think Jack Hartley kept his best stock just for breeding. You certainly couldn’t argue with his success.

Tom’s feeding was quite plain, which a lot of exhibitors seemed to do at the time. Things are different these days with more choice available. Hay was probably used more then than now, we are a little more cautious in case of ear damage and mites. Nevertheless, hay is a fine conditioner.


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