A very pleasant day in good company at Sowood. Sad news to hear that Stuart is stepping down from running the venue. A relief then that John and Andrew have stepped in to take over.
Stuart regrettably has hung up his judging coat, big boots to fill with a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom that has been grown through years of breeding and exhibiting. I still enjoy judging but do know what Stuart means when he says he no longer does. It gets more difficult to concentrate as the day goes on. I find myself preferring to judge at shows where myself and steward are fenced in by ta- bles. I liked Don- caster’s idea of having everyone
in at the judging finale.
It was also nice to visit a south- ern show for the first time since covid appeared. Congratula- tions to Stephan on his BIS.
News from the shed this month is the replacement of old wooden mouse boxes with plastic homemade ones. I am head of purchasing, Mark is head of construction. That might be an unfair distribution of workload since one of us doesn’t keep mice.


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