First of all may I congratulate Smith & Hollis on their Best in Show at the 125th Anniversary Show of the NMC. Well deserved for the service given to the club by these two exhibitors.
Thanks must also be said to Richard Greenwood and his wife Stella for the running of the show.
I was pleased to read that Stuart is running another show in December, also Jo Burrows is putting one on in April. This could create interest and bring in new members.
I was reading the results of the Centenary show recently, Phil Hall winning BIS with a Chinchilla, he also went close his time with a Black Tan.
On the subject of Black Tans, I read an article by Len Marriott; he thought that with selection you don’t need an outcross, not sure I understand that.
I will close by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


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