Big thanks to Ruth for her unwavering support of me in my role as treasurer and for her friendship. I shall miss her knowledge and experience as secretary. Welcome to Stephan who has impressed us all with his enthusiasm. It’s great. Goodbye also to Terry in his role as club chairman. Terry chaired with skill and humour. Welcome to Jim Mullan who is taking over from Terry. Looking forward to our first meeting of the executive. I have the honour of taking over as the NMC president from the club’s Mr Nice Guy, Keith Berry (he really is) I hope my time here will be filled with gravitas i. e knowledge, passion and purpose. Looking to the future we have fresh shows on the calendar. A good spread of locations that will hopefully make more shows accessible to members. Although online mousing is an added bonus, for me it is second fiddle to mice and fanciers who can both be found in plenty at shows. I hope to get to each venue at least once during the show year. My November mousework has mostly been concerned with pairings for Doncaster. The winning mouse is probably already born. It could be yours but I hope it’s mine!
Happy mousing until next time.


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