First of all congratulations to Andrew Leach on his BIS at Bishop’s Wood with an Ivory Satin. I was pleased to hear of the good entry.
On the subject of shows, it is very pleasing to see the Executive bringing in new shows. I have been speaking to Jim Mullan recently and he is going to take the entries at London Championship, Peterborough showground. This is good news as it has been one of the major shows on the calendar.
I was interested to read the members Map, it all seems nicely spread. I didn’t realise we had that many members and so hopefully this will produce larger entries at the shows.
I recently read a column, mentioned in it was results slips being pinned up at shows. This used to be done in the past. It would give you your results and your fellow exhibitors’; food for thought, maybe.
I have also been reading Sarah Yeomans’ article in the April magazine about varieties yet to be discovered. The connection with rabbits was mentioned, over recent years rabbit varieties have really grown so I suppose time will tell on that.


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