Congratulations to Andrew Leach on winning our most prestigous event of the mousing calendar. The show went smoothly in the capable hands of Mick Shutt.
Three experienced judges had been appointed to breeze through judging and finish with an awards ceremony, without expecting exhibitors to stay late in the day. Alas due to some confusion over starting times we had a delayed start and despite the best laid plans it never happened. Maybe next year. News from the shed is the mystery illness that caused me some heavy stock losses before Christmas is no longer a mystery thanks to some input from another mouse fancier and a member from another fancy. It pays to talk (Buzby
circa 1976). More of that in another issue. I am glad to say that breeding is back on track.
Ringworm is rife on the show bench. It largely vanished during lockdown and fanciers might have become complacent. We all experience issues in our stock and we are all responsible for being proactive in tackling simple afflictions such as ringworm and lice. If you buy in stock, treat for both before mixing them in with your existing stock. If you exhibit mice do the same before returning them to your breeding boxes. If you supply stock, treat it before passing it on. If you don’t do this then you are as culpable as the next person for allowing the spread of hese easily treatable health issues. It’s part of good stockmanship. If anyone is unsure of what to use message or ask at a show (note: Ivermectin does not treat ringworm) I will be disqualifying any animals that I judge that have less than pristine coats if I suspect they have ringworm or external parasites.
Looking forward to seeing you all at some future shows, we have a very busy show calendar to support if we can.


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