These notes will appear after the first show has taken place and it is great that things are now up and running. I was interested to read Steve Goss’s article, a very organised fancier. I’m sure he will be turning out the winners in due course. 

I noticed Ruth wrote a few lines about Norman Deakin, I can tell you a little about him. He had some very good self Blues, we were showing them at the same time. I am not sure how many years he exhibited. He also kept Silvers and Argentes. In the 1962 yearbook he states he re-introduced the Argentes back into the fancy. In 1962 he had two Double Champions—these were Silvers—and four Single Champions, and in 1965 he had five Single Champions with Argentes and Silvers. 

There have been some top exhibitors from Leicester over the years, Norman Deakin, Walter Higgins, and present-day Sarah Cudbill, all three were or are also on the judging panel.

Members will now be looking forward to the 125 year anniversary show, I’m sure it will be a great success.


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