I am pleased to say that shows seem to be getting closer to happening, which of course is very good news for all. Reading the latest NMC News, I was very impressed with Stephan Mönninghoff’s mousery, it looks very organised.
Going back to the shows, Bradford Championship isn’t that far away. Going back 100 years, the judge was Ralph Blake, secretary of the NMC. One of his stewards was Master James Pickard, none other than the late Dr Pickard, who himself wold enter 100 mice per show.
I have also been reading an article about Tricolours, the fancier wanted to know why the variety didn’t have a standard when, according to our official book of the first ever NMC Show in 1897, Best in Show was won with a Tricolour. It seems as if there was no set design of any pattern, so long as a mouse had three distinct colours it was accepted as a Tricolour. The reader thought they should have been trying to breed them like the Tort and White cavy. Thankfully we have progressed since then.


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