Judge: Simon Grimwood Selfs, Tans, Satins, Marked, AOVs

General Comments

Thank you to Stephan for giving me the opportunity to take on my first judging engagement, it was a real baptism of fire! Nothing like being thrown in at the deep end, a long and challenging day but one I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a bit of a mixed bag and there unfortunately seemed to be a persistent issue with eyes and some mites/lice, the latter is an easy fix and we should be regularly treating for mites and worms, remember prevention is better than a cure. However, that being said there were some excellent exhibits that really stood out, with plenty of fit healthy mice and some really interesting varieties on show, an intense black from Stephan winning BIS, Sarah’s delightful silver grey, a really well marked Dutch of Graham and Steven’s stunning ivory satin to name but a few. Thank you to my steward Rob, to Lewis and Amy for chipping in and helping him, Stephan for putting on a another great show and everyone for bearing with me on what turn out to be a long day. I look forward to the next one!


White (pink eye) Ad – 5

1st S Goss B Good Head and ear set, exceptional tails! Best colour. Best under of class although could be thicker. A very nice mouse! Beaten in challenge on under.
2nd S Goss D again very similar to first with exceptional tail. Behind on under
3rd S Goss B Similar to 2nd but slight mark under. 3 very nice mice.

White (pink eye) U8 – 7

1st S Goss D Best for colour, very clean. Another great tail! Nice head and lovely ears. Well furred under for a young doe. A really good mouse.
2nd S Goss D Similar to 1st mouse but behind on head.
3rd L Walker B A nice mouse, good crisp colour, behind on ears.

Cream Ad – 3

1st L Walker B Nice bold eyes, unfortunately rather fat. Best of the 3.
2nd A Booth B Very poor type pet shop quality. V. small ears, small squinty eyes and a thin stringy tail. Not a breeder!
3rd L Walker B Actually a better mouse than 2nd but crustiness around left eye and a rough coat places 3rd. Lacks condition.

Cream U8 – 2

1st L Walker B Super condition, glossy coat, nice colour, bold sparkly eyes, decent head with good ear set. Good thick tail with plenty of flesh. A bruised vein (wasn’t a cut or scab) in rear right toe held back an otherwise excellent mouse.
2nd S Cudbill B A good mouse but ears were small and high set, tail lacking compared to 1st.

Black Ad – 4

1st S Mönninghoff D BIS, BEST SELF. There wasn’t a lot to fault with this mouse! The depth and intensity of colour was incredible. Pigmentation in ears and feet was jet black. Real length of tail. Good vent. In its Prime.
2nd S Mönninghoff D Another good mouse but beaten on colour. Stephan Monninghoff 3rd
3rd S Mönninghoff D A sprinkling of fault hairs on vent spoils.

Black U8 – 3

1st S Mönninghoff D A nice mouse overall with good depth of colour, few fault hairs on vent spoils.

Red/Fawn Ad – 1

Red/Fawn U8 – 2

1st L Walker Red B An attractive little mouse type wise. The colour was richer than 2nd but coat was a bit sooty and almost gave a ticked appearance, it may blossom as an adult? Light under.
2nd A Booth Red B This mouse was far too light, almost a sandy colour, had a chip in ear and a bit of a rough coat.

Blue Ad – 2

1st J Edmonds D Nice bright sparkling eyes! Clearly in good health a fit mouse. Unfortunately was quite small and a shade too light with a lot of fault hairs on vent.
2nd A Booth B Closer to a medium shade of slate blue than 1st. Appeared to be an old mouse with a rough coat, again had fault hairs on vent. A slight weep to left eye held back.

Blue U8 – 1

1st L Walker B Colour was close to standard. a nice under. Sadly it had a lot of white toes and toe nails and again fault hairs on vent.

AOC Self Ad – 3

1st S Mönninghoff Chocolate B I really liked this mouse! Excelled in type for a dark self. The colour had an intense depth and richness to it. in top condition. It was let down by the large number of fault hairs on the vent which stopped it progressing further.
2nd S Mönninghoff Chocolate D A good mouse, in condition, similar to the 1st but lacked depth of colour when compared side by side.
3rd L Walker Silver B Unfortunately a rough coat, being behind on condition meant it couldn’t hold its own against 1st and 2nd

AOC Self U8 – 0


1st S Mönninghoff Black
2nd S Goss White (pink eye)
3rd S Mönninghoff Black


1st S Goss White (pink eye)
2nd S Mönninghoff Black
3rd S Goss White (pink eye)


Black Tan Ad – 6

A nice class to judge with some lovely fit mice, there is definitely room for improvement with feet.
1st P Hall B Richest tan, good top colour, nice condition. Wins on tan!
2nd A Briggs B Great Condition! Lovely top, but just behind 1st on tan. Clearly a younger mouse that will improve with age.
3rd R Walker B An older mouse, good top with a well developed tan. Tan behind ears and under coat just showing through on belly holds back.

Black Tan U8 – 0

Chocolate Tan Ad – 3

1st A Briggs B BEST TAN. Sparkles with condition! A very nice mouse. Richest of tan bellies and excellent depth ontop.
2nd A Briggs B Another mouse in top condition, similar to 1st but not the intensity of tan.
3rd R Walker B Good tan on this mouse, however a few white hairs in top coat spoils. Lacks condition of first two and a little rough under.

Chocolate Tan U8 – 0

Cham / Silver Tan Ad – 2

1st L Walker Champagne Tan D Condition good, with nice bright bold eyes. thin under and teats showing spoils.
2nd R Walker Champagne Tan D Lacks pigment in tan, again thin under, teats showing spoils. Unfortunately this mouse had a crusty eye.

Cham / Silver Tan U8 – 0

AOC Tan Ad – 1

1st S Cudbill Dove Tan B A very handsome mouse indeed! Great type! Lovely top colour with a nice tan for a dilute, best for feet in section. Unfortunately a small chip in ear and a light nose held back in challenge.

AOC Tan U8 – 2

1st S Cudbill Silver Grey Tan B Excellent top coat with lovely silvering throughout, V. good feet and type. Under coat just showing through tan a bit and throat spot.
2nd S Cudbill Brindle Tan D A very interesting mouse and a pleasure to judge! The brindling was good, however caused an unusual visual effect under. where at full strength and unaffected by the brindle the tan was strong.


1st A Briggs Chocolate Tan
2nd P Hall Black Tan
3rd S Cudbill Dove Tan


1st S Cudbill Silver Grey Tan
2nd S Cudbill Brindle Tan


Ivory Satin Ad – 6

1st S Goss D BEST SATIN. Very typey, best for colour with a good under. Really good condition, beautiful glossy coat with a real sheen to it!
2nd S Goss D Very similar to 1st but behind on colour.
3rd G Kelly B Lacks type of first two.

Ivory Satin U8 – 2

1st G Kelly B of good type, wins on colour.
2nd S Cudbill B Slight line under spoils.

AOC PE Self Satin Ad – 3

1st L Walker Dove Satin B Best for colour, nice metallic sheen.
2nd L Walker Dove Satin B Similar to first but behind on colour.
3rd L Walker Champagne Satin D Chipped ear holds back

AOC PE Self Satin U8 – 1

1st R Walker Champagne Satin B A nice fit little mouse in good condition. Good coat. Colour a little dark.

BE Self Satin Ad – 1

1st L Walker Cream Satin B Nice type, mouse of substance. Coat looked greasy.

BE Self Satin U8 – 2

1st L Walker Cream Satin B Good colour with nice coat. Eyes appeared to be bulging, which took away from the overall appeal.
2nd A Booth Red Satin B A really nice depth of colour, the correct shade of red. The general coat was glossy and showed off the red well where in good coat, however the mouse was a bit patchy maybe moult? which held it back.

AOV Satin Ad – 2

1st L Booth Splashed Satin B pink eye splash with fairly even splashing over top and some splashing under, nice coat. Sadly of poor type.
2nd R Walker Argente Satin B Nice coat very glossy and in fine condition, the under coat was a muddy colour.

AOV Satin U8 – 0


1st S Goss Ivory Satin
2nd L Walker Cream Satin
3rd L Walker Dove Satin


1st G Kelly Ivory Satin
2nd R Walker Champagne Satin
3rd L Walker Cream Satin


Dutch Ad – 7

I was dreading the Dutch class and had the plasters at the ready. However I was pleasantly surprised as they turned out to be very mild mannered and some of the easiest mice to handle.
1st G Kelly B BEST MARKED. Choc. this was a really fine example of a Dutch. the cheek markings and blaze were very even and clean. stops were excellent. the saddle came well up with a good under cut. there was an imperfection on the left side of the saddle near hind leg which held this mouse back in the grand challenge.
2nd S Maynard D Blue. Left cheek pulls down. good stops. Saddle good but not as sharp as 1st.
3rd S Maynard D Little knot in tail! but had better markings than rest of class on balance.

Dutch U8 – 10

1st S Maynard D good saddle and stops. R. jowl pulls under and into whisker bed.
2nd S Maynard D nice blaze and cheek markings, saddle good but a bit off on undercut.
3rd L Walker D A tiny mouse but quite evenly marked, saddle slips a bit and cheek marking pulls back behind right ear.

Broken Marked Ad – 10

1st L Walker B Agouti 6 spot. Wins on distributions, shape and uniformity of spots, nice clean edges.
2nd S Cudbill B Agouti 6 spot. Good condition. Good placement of spots but fails 1st on shape and uniformity.
3rd S Maynard D Black 8 spot. Good distribution and number of spots, let down on uniformity of markings. Spots starting to break up and almost appear brindled in places.

Broken Marked U8 – 5

1st S Mönninghoff B Red 5 spot. firstly in great condition! Although it may not have had as many spots a some of the others in the class it wins on placement and uniformity of markings, with clean crisp edges.
2nd S Maynard D Black 10 spot. There was a small spot under which was an added bonus, a close 2nd.
3rd L Walker D Dove 9 spot. Good distribution over body, markings breaking up in places spoils.

AOV Marked Ad – 4

1st S Cudbill Variegated B Good type and substance, a handsome mouse. Evenly splashed over the top, lacks under.
2nd A Briggs Tricolour B Nice spots evenly placed, favoring neither colour too heavily. a lot of brindling on rump lets down an otherwise nice mouse.
3rd S Cudbill Variegated B similar to 1st however a concentration of markings around ears.

AOV Marked U8 – 5

1st S Cudbill Rumpwhite B Gleaming with condition! white came up a tad to far, and demarcation line not the cleanest. tiny flecks of black markings dotted under which let it down. however best in class.
2nd S Cudbill Tricolour B Nicely marked but brindling spoils.
3rd R Walker Tricolour B Solid white head, and heavily favoring one colour rules out.


1st G Kelly Dutch
2nd L Walker Broken Marked
3rd S Cudbill Variegated


1st S Mönninghoff Broken Marked
2nd S Maynard Dutch
3rd S Maynard Dutch


Agouti/Cinn Ad – 2

1st L Walker Agouti B Good depth of colour, even ticking throughout. Nice tail, bold eyes.
2nd L Walker Agouti D Unfortunately its eye was sealed shut and crusty when taken out the maxey, it did manage to open it, but the mouse generally lacked luster.

Agouti/Cinn U8 – 2

1st L Russell Agouti D young mouse but in top cocndition, good depth of colour with even ticking all over. Good under with thick fur.
2nd L Russell Agouti D Very similar to 1st but had moult mark on shoulder

Chin/Fox Ad – 0

Chin/Fox U8 – 0

SP / BP Siamese Ad – 4

1st J Bennett SP Siamese B Good Graduation of colour up body, great pigmentation on tail, ears, feet and tail root. Under matched upper. Best on points. Colour a tad cold.
2nd J Bennett SP Siamese B Similar to 1st, behind on points.
3rd S Cudbill SP Siamese D Similar mouse but of lighter shade. Behind on tail pigmentation to first two.

SP / BP Siamese U8 – 2

1st J Bennett SP Siamese B Good colour and graduation, best for points.
2nd J Bennett SP Siamese B Similar to 1st but had a small chip in ear.

Argente Ad – 1

1st L Walker D Lacks type. Moult mark spoils. Unfortunately crustiness around the eye meant this mouse didn’t stand a chance.

Argente U8 – 2

1st S Cudbill D A fit healthy mouse in good condition. lacked silvering but this will likely come with age. nice type.
2nd L Walker B Moult mark on head and weepy eye holds back.

AOV Ad – 2

1st L Walker Splashed B A big typey mouse of good substance. Lacked ears. very even splashing over top and some splash under, although the under tended to clump together in a checker board fashion.
2nd A Booth Himalayan D The body lacked whiteness and was far too creamy. The markings lacked any real pigmentation. a good try.

AOV U8 – 3

1st S Cudbill Silver Grey D BOA IN SHOW, BEST AOV. Really had the wow factor! In excellent condition. Even silvering throughout! Nice type. An impressive mouse
2nd S Mönninghoff Pearl D The coat and colouration of this mouse was beautiful, a most delicate shade of silver. I couldn’t help thinking how peculiar this mouse looked with its teeny tiny ears, it just looked odd. A bit of work on type and this has the potential to be a real show stopper.
3rd L Booth Splashed D Splashing was good on top and under. More work to be done on type. A weeping eye held back.


1st L Walker Agouti
2nd J Bennett SP Siamese
3rd L Walker Splashed


1st S Cudbill Silver Grey
2nd L Russell Agouti
3rd J Bennett SP Siamese